Illuminate Your Home Through Different Abat Jour

Illuminate Your Home Through Different Abat Jour

The Abat Jour or the lamp shade dates back to the 17th Century, where it first found its origin in the streets of Paris, in form of public lanterns on streets. From then on, the lamps have evolved and have been set into various eras, with constant flow of knowledge are out of the masses.

After Edison invented the electric light bulb, people were dazed by its intense light, which motivated the Abat Jour to continue being in use as a legacy.

Features of Abat jour

They provided a curved surface, wide at bottom and narrow at top, in order to reflect light downwards in a consistent focus and broader area coverage without loss of intensity. The main focus was to project the light laterally using a concave reflector, and projecting it downwards by using the top reflector. Also, apart from providing light, it is used to shade the human eyes from direct glaring light of the bulbs used for illuminations.

Though Abat Jour serves a very important practical purpose, a major focus is emphasized on its looks and aesthetics. The lamp shade must look good in its environment, which will add warmth to any cold looking plain room, with just the right amount of lighting.

These come in multiple shapes and sizes. From smallest night lamps to biggest wall lamps or night stands, or mere lamp stands from mini clip night lamps to flaring floor lamps. The varieties are endless. Some with plain tones and some with loud colors like red. Some with beautiful prints, while some in magnificent shapes. There can be canopy shades or wall shades as well.

Important aspects to consider while selecting a lamp shade are:

  • The fitter: What kind of a stand or fit or shape is required? Handles for wall shades and stands for ground shades.
  • The light bulb heat: The lampshades can sometimes prove to be at risk of damage, when the bulb gets overheated to the extreme of shattering.
  • Lamp shade material: These lampshade or Abat Jour come in various materials like fabric, glass, glass paper, Tiffany glass, Paper or Plastic. Choose the one that best fits the aesthetic or the surroundings.

Abat Jour is made for the purpose of decoratively illuminating it surroundings with soft light and making it more beautiful. Whatever does your room look like, if you are a big fan of night lamps, or soft lights, find your Abat Jour pick and get it set soon.